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We aim to bring together those entrepreneurs who seek growth for their business and for themselves, are open-minded and have strong values and to offer them a warm and relaxed environment where they come as the people they truly are, to share experiences, build strong, long-lasting relationships and celebrate success.

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Building on the success with CEO Clubs and Executive Club, Owners Club offers to its Members a warm and relaxed environment where they celebrate success, learn from mishaps and build strong, long-lasting relationships. As the community is shaped by its Members, we aim to gather together a limited number of business founders and owners with very specific traits and values. Open-minded, thirsty to learn, willing to challenge their assumptions, ambitious yet modest and humane, successful by mentality and with a contribution mindset.
The Club is the place where business challenges are addressed and great ideas and partnerships blossom through sharing of journeys, expert advice and trustful exchange of knowledge and experiences. Business leaders are invited in as the people they truly are, in an environment where respect derives from their personal value and openness to share. This is a Club where people win together.

Our Values




Our mission

Our mission is to bring exceptional people together, by understanding leaders and redefining importance and networking.
We do that by creating a safe environment where leaders can be themselves.

The Team

Sandra Diviskova
Sandra has been part of our group of Clubs since 2012. She is currently the General Director of Operations and the leading person for the continuous digital transformation of both the internal operations and the Members’ experience. In addition, she is forming and administrating the company’s annual Budgets and financial operations.

Through her journey in CEO Clubs over the past 10 years, Sandra has undertaken plenty of roles that led her to her current position, some of which have been the events organization, business development for both Members and Partners, forming and expanding the Executive Club from day 1, as well as being actively involved in the Club’s expansion within the country and abroad.

Sandra studied Business Administration at the University of Piraeus in Greece, where she graduated in the Top 1% of her class, receive awards of excellence and scholarships in all years of her studies. As of 2021, she also holds an Executive MBA from WU Executive Academy.

Sandra is passionate about exploring the world (currently visited 53 countries) and scuba diving, she loves listening to classic rock and reggae vibes, with her all-time favorite song being “Wish you Were Here”, while she is also a genuine lover of “Hey Jude’s” Na-na-na,na,na part. She has been a ballet dancer for 21 years and in the past years she loves setting her annual reading goals on Goodreads, her favorite authors being Milan Kundera and Irvin Yalom.

Sandra Diviskova

General Director