Monthly gatherings of the Clubs' Members. Speakers’ presentations inform, inspire and enable dialogue and sharing. The meetings are followed by a cocktail reception for networking and informal discussions.

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All Clubs Circle: Objectives and Key Results

Hello everyone! Ask around and you’ll hear a level of adoption across industries and domains similar to the big wave of Agile adoption in the late 00’s into the 10’s. For a 40 year old goal-setting framework, OKRs are having quite an impact on the business world. Join our All Clubs Circle where we will discuss the fast rising subject of Objectives and Key Results, a hot topic with increasingly more books on the subject, software to support OKR rollout and a rising number of consultants specializing strictly in their deployment across companies, large and small. Our speaker for the meeting will be Jeff Gothelf, speaker and author of the Harvard Business Review Press book “Sense and Respond”. Jeff helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. During our Circle he will address the power of OKRs in driving success, how to set them effectively, and what to look for as organizations begin to implement them. The meeting will start at 17:30 with a networking session and the presentation will begin at 18:15. Please confirm your presence no later than Monday, June 5th, by attending this meeting.

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