Legal Breakfast for Thought

Legal Breakfast for Thought
Breakfast for Thought

Whistleblowers' Protectionblowing the whistle on company wrongdoings, made easySay one of your employees obtains (or believes he/she has obtained), in a work-related context, information on illegal or harmful activities such as data protection breaches, money laundering, or tax fraud. That employee can decide to report such violation. New EU-wide standards to protect whistleblowers have been adopted this year. These include safeguarding whistleblowers from any form of retaliation by their employers (such as, dismissal, demotion, or intimidation). Also, the new standards allow whistleblowers to choose between internal and external reporting and introduce obligations for employers to ensure safe reporting channels. Join us at this event to find out more about what measures your company will need to take once the new rules are transposed in Romania.

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