16th Forum: Building an Economy Proof Organization – A Panel Discussion



16th Forum: Building an Economy Proof Organization – A Panel Discussion

There are two famous quotes that describe better than anything else the value of the good preparation and the truth that always lies beneath anything we people or organizations do or don’t.
The first one belongs to Seneca, the Roman philosopher who once said that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” which is referred as a way of living and a permanent state of mind: become better every day irrespectively of the circumstances of the moment. That is the only way to reach new heights and continuously become better, more knowledgeable. It is what happens when the circumstances don’t matter at all anymore, as one can turn any of them to their favor.
The second one comes from a modern “philosopher” of wealth and continuous growth, Warren Buffet who said that "only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked”. In times when the markets are growing, the world is full of great leaders, successful teams and amazing strategies. What differentiates the really great ones from the rest is exactly what W. Buffet talks about: how well they have been prepared and how much more forward they have grown, even when they didn’t have to. The “tide (that) goes out” is just the excuse context that forces out the truth.
This month, Bank of America Merill Lynch published its latest survey BOFA/ML, asking 235 Asset Managers who manage a total of $683 bil about the possibility of a global financial crisis in the next 12 months. According to the results, that belief is today at its highest point in the last 10 years. 38% expect that a recession will be here in 2020. The US-China power game tops the list of reasons with the fund managers believing that this will become the “new normal”, whereas another 30% expects an agreement in light of the presidential elections in 2020. A possible failure in the strategy of central banks, a bubble in bonds and a slowdown of the Chinese economy follow as reasons to cause a recession.
Our CEO Clubs Forum aims to provide the necessary approach and information that leaders need, in order to develop a continuous growth mindset in everything. Organizations thrive and shut down in bit good and bad times and it is the people who define that. Success is a state of mind and it is what determines the outcome, not the circumstances.

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