Session 1 - Online Workshop: Smartphone Photography Done Right

Hello everyone!

We hope to find you well these days because we are back to you with a new event invitation: Smartphone Photography Done Right with Vali Barbulescu.

Yes, we invite you and your dear ones (partners, kids, or any other dear person who might cross your home that day) to this workshop about taking a photo with our phone and making it great. You know, that kind of great that will make the people say "OMG! You shot this with your phone only?".

This workshop is structured into 2 sessions - during the first one (18.11.2021), we will get a bit into the basis of photography, rules, and editing tips & tricks. At the end of it, we will get a photo challenge to apply what we have learned and present our shots during the 2nd session. (16.12.2021).
Event location: Bucharest, Romania

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