Nespresso Breakfast for Thought 30.06.2023

Nespresso Breakfast for Thought 30.06.2023
Breakfast for Thought

Dear Members,

This breakfast the TED will be collaborative and you will be the masters of our topic:

"Wealth: To What Extent to Leave (to our Kids) and When?"

Have you given it any thought? Well, yes or no, join us, and your two cents may help the rest of us see a bigger picture. Note that such a polarizing topic could prolong our allocated time.

Please confirm your presence no later than Wednesday evening, June 28th, BY ATTENDING THIS MEETING.

Proposed discussion points:

As time goes by, one of the most important decisions of accomplished people is what to do with their accumulated wealth regarding their kids. However, making this decision raises fundamental questions.

Will leaving wealth to kids take away their motivation to achieve? Do we offer them a possibly harmful sense of security that will be giving them an easy way out of the inevitable challenging times they will go through in life? or do we just help them start their lives from a better place than we did?

Furthermore, if we decide not to leave wealth to kids, how do we convince them? is it even possible to achieve that? The questions are endless.

After discussing with many of you, opinions vary greatly. Some believe it's too early to decide, while others think it's bad luck to talk about it before it becomes imminent. What is certain is that such a decision forms a general attitude towards kids and can determine many things about their future, which we lead.

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