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Cerva Romania

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Partner since: February 2023

About Cerva Romania

Here at Cerva, we talk a lot about safety. That’s because we are so good at providing it.
Part of CERVA GROUP, Cerva Romania stands for getting things done in the most responsible & efficient way possible. We produce and supply work & protection equipment that is tailored for all environments and professions.
We are dedicated to helping users not only stay safe, but also understand what the correct equipment is for their individual needs. We take pride in that and get better at it every day. From head to toe, while cherishing health in the most professional manner out there.
Over the years, all across Europe, we have partnered with the best technology and the best people. And today, safety, comfort & well-being are values that define our work and constantly clear the path for us to achieve our main mission: Human Health at the highest standards.

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