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About Happy Tour

Recognized for the last 12 years as the Leading Romanian Travel Company, Happy Tour was acquired in December 2007 by GED Capital, consolidating the local market by acquiring, in 2010, Paravion.ro and Travel House, and in 2011, Prestige Tours, thus building Happy Tour Group - the biggest player on the Romanian travel market with a network of 72 owned and Associated Agencies, counting 94 points of sales in 52 cities of Romania, Bulgaria and Moldavia.

Today, Happy Tour Group is Happy Tour - a corporate travel agency that developed a national network of travel agencies in Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova; Paravion.ro – the online agency with offices in Romania and Turkey, as well as running operations in Bulgaria & Cyprus, and Prestige Tours – the incoming and outgoing tour-operator of the Group.

In 2011, Happy Tour Group became the Romanian and Bulgarian partner of FCM Travel Solutions. As the FCM representative, Happy Tour Group brought in 2011, for the very first time in Romania “The Oscar of World Travel - World’s Leading Travel Management Company”, winning also the award in 2012 and 2013.

In 2015 Happy Tour was awarded a prestigious prize for Outstanding Achievements by FCM Travel Solutions.

Benefits offered to Members

For any tailor-made package (package = at least 2 travel services reserved by Happy Tour at the same time and to the same destination – flight + accommodation, accommodation + rent a car, accommodation + transfer, flight + accommodation + cruise, etc.) Happy Tour will offer a discount of 4% of the total value of the package;

The offer is valid only for airplane tickets on regular flying, economy classes; For any travel, service booked individually, with the exception of airplane tickets (only accommodation, rent a car, cruise, etc.) Happy Tour will offer a discount of 3%; For airplane tickets purchased individually (without any other travel services), service charges will be preferred;

For any charter package, operated by Happy Tour Group, a discount of 5% will be offered at the standard offer;

Free transfer at the airport (coming/ departure) for vacations valued at a minimum of 1,500 EUR / 2 adults offer valid only in Bucharest with the condition of taking the 2 passengers from the same address;

Medical insurance for free if a travel package valued at a minimum of 1,100 EUR / person is purchased;

20% discount for the person who brings 5 additional adult passengers that will pay full fare for the same vacation and will not benefit from other advantages through Happy Tour;

Note: The advantages listed in this offer do not accumulate, you can benefit from just one of these advantages of your choice; These discounts do not apply to children and special offers that are already reduced; The discounts do not apply on any airport fees and other charges; The discounts apply to all travel packages purchased, with the condition that at least one of the buyers is the employee of your company.

Other Benefits:

Travel dedicated consultant;

Free transmission of special and last minute offers through the weekly newsletter Happy Specials.
Information and assistance in obtaining a travel visas; this service is offered for free for all destinations if the travel services are purchased from Happy Tour.

All these benefits accumulate and apply to every Happy Advantage.

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