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Partner since: September 2019

About Obsentum

OBSENTUM is a Romanian luxury brand, born out of a passion for luxury and elegance, driven by a strong desire for authenticity, eccentricity, and elitism. OBSENTUM is following the trends in the beauty and fashion world through an artisan approach.

The brand goes beyond offering a product, it offers unique services and rituals. Extravagant and mysterious as a scent, OBSENTUM offers the experience of indulging in unique fragrances and discovering exquisite packaging. OBSENTUM delivers the proper environment to support the initiation ritual into the scent.

Benefits offered to Members

A constant source of extravagant experience.
A luxury ritual that celebrates the eccentric character of niche essences.

Every purchase made on www.obsentum.com will be complemented with 20% off*.
*Using code CEO20 at checkout

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Obsentum - Private Advisor at your disposal to discover what makes niche perfumes très niche